Welcome to Harptree Womens Institute

Chairman - Jenny Cruse 01761 221627
Secretary - Gill Stobart 01761 221505
Treasurer - Hilary Hill 01761 221302

WI Speakers 2016

January 12th     Paul Cullen - 30 years of firefighting
February 9th     Jen Hunter - Fern Hill Farm - The story so far
March 8th     Penny Sparkes - Fifty Shades of Cake
April 12th     Barry Edwards - The Early History of Peguin Books 1935-1960
May 10th     Geoff King - The Practice of Surgery
June 14th     Peter and Maureen Price - The Only Castle in New Zealand
July 12th     Belinda Brownlee - Throwing Pots
August        No Meeting
September 13h     James Small - Tour of Spring Farm
October 11th     Rosalind Abbott - The History of Guilding
November 8th     Jeremy Humphries - Life on Location
December 13th     Christmas Meal

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